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As yet another example of how careless people can be on social media, twitter helped police investigate an otherwise unreported hit and run between a car and a cyclist.  As reported by Travis Okulski on, a woman in England bragged on twitter about running a cyclist off the road while driving.  That tweet found its way to the local police, who were also active on Twitter, and they confirmed the incident and were investigating.  While this incident helped right a wrong (an accident is an accident whether it involves two cars, a car and a bike or some other vehicles or living thing), it reinforces that users must be careful and thoughtful about what they post on social media, and that is especially true for business related uses.  What if this had been a company driver making a delivery?  A possible lawsuit against the company could result with the tweet being exhibit A.  Or if the CEO tweeted about the great, off-label uses of the company’s new product?  That could lead to a potential governmental investigation and other liability.


Be careful what you tweet.  You never know where it can end up.