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Per the latest edition of "Global CFO Signals" - from Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited - CFOs around the world are expressing an increased willingness to bring risk onto balance sheets.  While CFOs seek to guard against risk in various forms - strategic, operational and regulatory risk -  concerns about such "uncertainty" are beginning to lessen has executive are learning to better manage risk and project outcomes.


Individuals and entities investing and operating in foreign markets would be well served to review "Global CFO Signals" - per the survey "finance executives worldwide seem to be embracing recovery and setting their sights on expansion, despite continued economic hiccups."  As the report notes, CFOs in many of the 17 countries and regions reporting share not only more optimistic, but they are acting on such optimism:


  • M&A activity is expected to be up in such countries as France, the Netherlands, and Sweden.
  • Three-quarters of Ireland’s CFOs describe their strategy as expansionary, as do 40% of UK’s CFOs.
  • The percentage of Australia’s CFOs looking to expand into new markets or introduce new products/services rose from 47% to 64%.


Analyzing and understanding such data can not only provide a preview into domestic trends, but highlight potential opportunities that otherwise could be missed.  While risk must be managed, such management should not overly inhibit business action.