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The number of data breaches has more than doubled to 2,644 incidents in 2012, according to a report by Open Security Foundation and security consultancy Risk Based Security.  This reflects a 117% increase from reported data breaches in 2011.

Data breaches in the business sector accounted for 60% of the total privacy incidents, followed by government (17.9%), education (12%) and medical (9.5%).

Nearly 77% of reported privacy incidents were carried out by external agents or activity outside the organization while 68.2% of incidents were carried out through hacking and was responsible for 22.8% of exposed records in 2012.  Internal data breaches accounted for 19.5% of incidents and 66.7% of exposed records.

The United States accounted for 40% of all data breaches worldwide.

So what is this report telling us?  Organizations are doing a better job at reporting data breaches, but they still don't have the proper preventive measures and policies in place to reduce the risk of an incident.  Remember, it's NOT IF a privacy incident will occur, BUT WHEN.