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On October 30, McDonald Hopkins hosted its 7th Energy Forum.  This event was titled Water Management Challenges in the Shale Industry and our panel included Jeff Dick, the Director of the Natural Gas and Water Resources Institute at Youngstown State University.  I was fortunate to moderate this panel and share the podium with three of my colleagues, Jeff Huntsberger, Ted Esborn and Charlie Gray. 

A number of interesting points were made during the Forum:

  • Shale is already a billion dollar industry in Ohio.  Hundreds of millions are being spent just to address water issues.  Enough capital exists to address both water sourcing and water recycling/disposal.  Best practices are evolving.  Some day we may even have waterless fracking.
  • Ohio is well positioned with its oil and gas reserves and also with its water resources.  We have a great lake, a huge river resource and good sources in-between.  We also have excellent geology for injection wells.  In the near future, water by itself will be a leading new shale related industry, and
  • The Shale industry was built on critical IP out of Texas that provided for horizontal fracking.  New IP is softening the decline curves on these wells, addressing water related issues and could provide for dramatically reduced water requirements in the future.

We spent a fun and productive hour.  If you missed this event, you can view the webinar here:Energy Forum: Water Management Challenges in the Shale Industry.