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I subscribe to Power Magazine and the January issue had an article about shale energy.  The title is, "Shale: The Rock That Rocked the World" and you can read the article by clicking here. 

I did post last week (Global Impact of US Shale) on this topic using Daniel Yergin’s recent article about the global impact of US shale.  However, this Power Magazine article is a fun read and not just because of the title.  The article has good length and breadth and pays tribute to the work of George Mitchell in breaking the fracking technology code.  The article then moves into the current and future impact of shale:  The article states, “In little more than a decade, the U.S. energy sector has been turned upside down. The enormous influx of shale gas has upended dispatch orders across the country, reversed decades-old flow patterns on interstate gas pipelines, and squelched the much-heralded renaissance of nuclear energy and 'clean coal.'  But the shale story is far from over, and has resonated far beyond U.S. shores.” 

Like I said, a good read - worth the 15 minutes!