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The oil and gas industry has an uphill battle to fight in the public arena on the future of fracking. With recent news of increased oil and gas spills, increased air releases of methane, excessive water use and groundwater pollution, and the government linking fracking with earthquakes, the public’s opposition to fracking is growing. That’s a shame because fracking has the ability to positively impact the national economy and help this country achieve energy independence. 

David Hertz of Dix & Eaton discusses the public relations challenges facing the industry in The oil and gas industry is being forced to cope with ‘Lightning Rods of Controversy’. The main takeaway is the public interest in the future of fracking is exploding and presents an opportunity for the industry to take a proactive position to communicate the stories you wish to share. You cannot hide and hope the media will leave you alone. The media will not leave you alone. Your industry is too important and too far-reaching. Do not threaten the momentum of such an important industry by lacking a communications plan. Talk about the positive impacts fracking has on communities, the jobs created and lives improved. Talk about the technological advances your company is developing to combat the issues mentioned above. Talk about the innovation that drives progress, the stories that improve your company’s image. Above all, talk. 

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