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It’s hard to believe  that the Utica Shale has only  been a big factor in Ohio for the past 3+ years. While it may have started slowly, the shale play has expanded very quickly. From 2012 to 2013, gas production in Utica doubled and oil production went up 62 percent. In fact, the number of producing wells in Ohio has roughly tripled since then.

This rapid growth has triggered a massive expansion of midstreams. With that expansion, a number of our clients have faced right-of-way permitting and leasing issues, as well as trying to acquire rights-of-way to build major pipelines, often through several states.

And as midstream companies enter the market, more and more wells will be drilled, which in turn will bring in more midstreams to help build up the infrastructure. The shale (r)evolution is here, so make sure you’re prepared before it’s too late.