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Audit procedures/JobsOhio: Sponsored by Senator Bob Peterson (R- Sabina), Senate Bill 67, as introduced, creates an agreed-upon procedure audit for certain eligible political subdivisions. The bill was amended swiftly in the House Local Government Committee to include language specifying that JobsOhio revenues are not public moneys subject to audit by the Auditor of State. The language was added as a result of recent disagreements between Auditor Yost and Governor Kasich disputing Yost’s authority to audit the state’s private economic development organization. The bill passed on May 30, 2013 and now goes to Governor Kasich for his signature.

Board of Tax Appeals: Sponsored by Representatives Jeff McClain (R- Upper Sandusky) and Tom Letson (D- Warren), House Bill 138 makes changes to the law governing the Board of Tax Appeals. The bill passed the Ohio House on May 29, 2013.

 The following are among the provisions included in the bill:

  • Authorizes a small claims division within the board
  • Requires the board to institute measures to manage certain appeals
  • Provides the board authority to grant summary judgments and consider motions—vesting hearing examiners with the authority to determine credibility of witnesses and issue statements of fact and conclusions of law separately
  • Authorizes the board to require parties to engage in mediation
  • Authorizes the Tax Commissioner to expedite and issue a final determination for residential property value appeals with written consent of the parties

Columbus schools oversight: Sponsored by House Minority Whip Tracy Heard (D- Columbus) and House Majority Whip Cheryl Grossman (R- Grove City), House Bill 167 will authorize the Columbus City Schools to levy property taxes, the revenue from which may be shared with partnering community schools. Additionally, the bill creates an independent auditor for the school district and authorizes the Columbus mayor to sponsor community schools. The bill was approved by the Ohio House on May 29, 2013.

Medicaid expansion: Sponsored by House Majority Floor Leader Barbara Sears (R- Sylvania), House Bill 176 was formally introduced this week to expand Medicaid eligibility to childless adults with income below 138 percent of the federal poverty level. The bill requires the Medicaid program to enact additional reforms to assist enrollees in seeking additional employment opportunities.

Parenting time: Sponsored by Representative Heather Bishoff (D- Blacklick), House Bill 179 would require certain employers to allow a parent to exercise court-ordered parenting time without terminating the parent's employment, reducing the parent's pay or taking other similar action against the parent. The bill was introduced on May 28, 2013.