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Late Tuesday night, the Obama administration announced it was giving some consumers more time to sign up for health insurance. While it's not technically moving the March 31 deadline, the administration is offering an extension--of unknown length--for people who had problems trying to meet the deadline.

According to a guidance document the Health and Human Services Department released Wednesday, you can apply for an extension for the following reasons:

  1. You experienced a natural disaster
  2. You have a medical emergency, such as an unexpected hospitalization
  3. or its supporting systems had a planned outage when you tried to enroll
  4. Someone who helped you sign up for coverage put you in the wrong plan
  5. Someone who helped you sign up for coverage didn't actually enroll you
  6. You didn't get the tax credits or cost-sharing reductions you're eligible for
  7. The insurance company didn't get your information from
  8. The insurance company got your information from, but it contained errors
  9. You're an immigrant, and told you that you weren't eligible for coverage or tax credits but you are
  10. Incorrect plan data were displayed when you selected a plan, and it might not be the plan you want
  11. Your family couldn't enroll together due to system errors
  12. said you were ineligible for Medicaid or CHIP, but you are and need to get into the program
  13. said you were eligible for Medicaid or CHIP, but you aren't and need to get private coverage
  14. You're still getting error messages on
  15. A caseworker doesn't resolve errors with your application for coverage by March 31
  16. You are a victim of domestic abuse (you get until May 31 to sign up)
  17. Other system errors stopped you from signing up