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Introduced: Monday, April 28, 2014

Diabetes: Sponsored by Senate Assistant Minority Whip Lou Gentile (D – Steubenville), Senate Concurrent Resolution 40 urge the Congress of the United States to mitigate the debilitative effects of type 1 diabetes and excessive future health care costs by increasing funding to the National Institutes of Health for research to promote the widespread and affordable availability of a closed-loop diabetic system, referred to as the "artificial pancreas," and islet cell transplantation.

Lakefront Tourism: Sponsored by Representative Armond Budish (D – Beachwood) and Representative Matt Lundy (D – Elyria), House Bill 524 would require the Ohio development Services Agency to develop the Lakefront Ohio Economic Development and Tourism Plan for counties bordering lake Erie, to require regional institutions of higher education to jointly develop a proposal for the use of specified types of land in the region, and to make an appropriation.

Household Sewage: Sponsored by Representative Matt Lynch (R – Chagrin Falls), House Bill 525 would authorize a board of county commissioners or municipal legislative authority to reject the application of any rule adopted after January 1, 2014, by the Department of Health governing the design of household sewage treatment systems.

Vehicle Repairs: Sponsored by Representative Matt Lynch (R – Chagrin Falls) and Representative Robert Hagan (D – Youngstown), House Bill 526 would prohibit auto insurers from requiring, recommending, or suggesting that a claimant on a policy have the claimant’s vehicle repaired at a particular repair shop or by a particular person unless the claimant requests a recommendation or suggestion.

Railroad Safety: Sponsored by Representative Robert Hagan (D – Youngstown), House Bill 527 would require railroad companies to install and maintain reflective banners on all hand-thrown switches and derails that connect with main track line.

Train Staffing: Sponsored by Representative Robert Hagan (D – Youngstown), House Bill 528 would provide that if a train will be carrying 80,000 pounds or more of hazardous materials, the railroad company must provide the train crew with notification of that fact at least ten hours prior to the train’s scheduled departure time and to require the crews of such trains to consist of not less than two qualified railroad employees and the crews of other freight trains to consist of not less than one engineer and one conductor.

Drug Use: Sponsored by Representative Wes Retherford (R – Hamilton) and Representative Margaret Conditt (R – Liberty Twp.), House Bill 529 would include within the offense of "corrupting another with drugs" a prohibition against knowingly furnishing or administering to a pregnant woman, or inducing or causing a pregnant woman to use, a controlled substance.

Introduced: Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cosmetology: Sponsored by Senator Kris Jordan (R – Powell) and Senator Shirley Smith (D - Cleveland), Senate Bill 333 would make changes to the Cosmetology Licensing Law.