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Introduced- Tuesday, May 27

Utilities Fees: Sponsored by Representative Ross McGregor (R – Springfield), House Bill 568 would require the Public Utilities Commission to set the maximum fees that a manufactured home park operator, condominium unit owners association, and landlord may charge for electric, gas, water, or related services, or for sewage disposal service provided to a resident, unit owner, or tenant when a submeter is used to measure public utility service to the premises.

Animal Fighting: Sponsored by House Majority Floor Leader Barbara Sears (R – Sylvania) and Representative Lynn Wachtmann (R – Napoleon), House Bill 569 would prohibit and establish an increased penalty for knowingly engaging in activities associated with cockfighting, bearbaiting, or pitting an animal against another.

Property Damage Forfeitures: Sponsored by Representative John Rogers (D – Mentor on the Lake), House Bill 570 would require that a portion of forfeitures assessed for violations or compliance failures resulting in property damage be paid to the political subdivision in which the damage occurred or to a political subdivision or state agency that incurred costs in remediating the violation or compliance failure.

Emergency Property Tax: Sponsored by Representative John Rogers (D – Mentor on the Lake), House Bill 571 would authorize subdivisions to levy a fixed-sum emergency property tax for police, fire, or emergency medical services purposes.

Condo Assessments: Sponsored by Representative John Rogers (D – Mentor on the Lake), House Bill 572 would provide that a portion of a condominium or planned community assessment is prior to other liens on condominium units and planned community lots and to provide that a condominium unit owners association lien is a continuing lien.

Patent Infringement Lawsuits: Sponsored by Representative Kristina Roegner (R – Hudson), House Bill 573 would prohibit a person from making a bad faith assertion of patent infringement, to permit a person aggrieved by a bad faith assertion of patent infringement to bring a tort action, and to authorize the Attorney General to investigate and to institute a civil action if the Attorney General believes a person has made a bad faith assertion of patent infringement.

Health Club Defibrillators: Sponsored by Representative Marlene Anielski (R – Independence), House Bill 574 would require a health club to have an automated external defibrillator installed on the premises, to specify requirements for training and staffing with respect to the use of that automated external defibrillator, and to modify the immunity provided with respect to the use of an automated external defibrillator.

Introduced- Thursday, May 29

Cemetery Levies: Sponsored by Representative Doug Green (R – Mt. Orab), House Bill 576 will lengthen the maximum term of a property tax levied for the purpose of operating a cemetery.

Health Curriculum: Sponsored by House Assistant Minority Leader Debbie Phillips (D – Albany), House Bill 577 will require the health curriculum of each school district to include instruction on the positive effects of organ and tissue donation.

School Buses: Sponsored by Representative Tom Letson (D – Warren) and Representative Roland Winburn (D – Harrison Twp.), House Bill 578 will require all school buses purchased, leased, or rented after January 1, 2016, to transport students to and from school to be equipped with a seat belt assembly for all passengers.

Property Tax Valuations: Sponsored by House Majority Whip Cheryl Grossman (R – Grove City), House Bill 579 will prohibit any party to a property tax valuation dispute, other than the original complainant, from appearing at a county board of revision hearing or subsequent appeal unless the party calls as a witness a representative of the county auditor or another qualified person who has appraised the property at issue.

High School Graduation: Sponsored by House Majority Whip Cheryl Grossman (R – Grove City) and Representative Tom Letson (D – Warren), House Bill 580 would require instruction in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and the use of an automated external defibrillator as a requirement for high school graduation.

Passed-  Wednesday, May 28


Homestead Exemption: Sponsored by Representative Louis Terhar (R – Cincinnati) and Representative Anne Gonzales (R – Westerville), House Bill 85 will enhance the homestead exemption for military veterans who are 100% disabled from a service-connected disability.

Captive Insurance Companies: Sponsored by Representative Bob Hackett (R – London), House Bill 117 will provide for the operation of captive insurance companies in Ohio and special purpose financial captive insurance companies.

Minor Prescriptions: Sponsored by Representative Nan Baker (R – Westlake) and Representative Stephanie Kunze (R – Hilliard), House Bill 314 was passed regarding informed consent requirements for opioid prescriptions issued to minors, disclosure of medical and other information to child fatality review boards and fetal and infant mortality review teams, and the location of methadone treatment facilities.

Controlled Substances: Sponsored by Representative Ryan Smith (R – Gallipolis), House Bill 341 will establish requirements to be followed by prescribers in reviewing patient information in the State Board of Pharmacy's Ohio Automated Rx Reporting System.

MBR Tax Administration: Sponsored by Representative Gary Scherer (R – Circleville), House Bill 492 will provide authorization and conditions for the levy and administration of taxes in this state and to make an appropriation.

MBR Workers’ Compensation: Sponsored by House Majority Floor Leader Barbara Sears (R – Sylvania) and Representataive Michael Henne (R – Clayton), House Bill 493 will make changes to Ohio's Workers' Compensation Law.

Mammograms: Sponsored by Senator Eric Kearney (D – Cincinnati), Senate Bill 54 will require a mammography facility to include certain information in the mammography report summary sent to a patient under federal law if the patient's mammogram demonstrates the presence of dense breast tissue.

Volunteer Officers: Sponsored by Senator John Eklund (R – Chardon), Senate Bill 288 would create the Volunteer Police Officers' Dependents Fund to provide death benefits to survivors of volunteer police officers killed in the line of duty and disability benefits to disabled volunteer police officers.

Avon Lake Judgeship: Sponsored by Senator Gayle Manning (R – North Ridgeville), Senate Bill 336 will convert the part-time judgeship of the Avon Lake Municipal Court into a full-time judgeship.


Insurance laws: Sponsored by Senator Kevin Bacon (R – Columbus), Senate Bill 140 will make changes to the law governing insurance holding company systems, to eliminate the petition requirement for domestic mutual companies that wish to merge or consolidate with another company, to eliminate the commission created to hear and determine petitions for merger and consolidation, to provide the requirements for maintaining a risk management framework and completing an own risk and solvency assessment, and to provide guidance and instructions for filing an own risk and solvency assessment summary report with the superintendent of insurance.

Depository Act: Sponsored by Senator Jim Hughes (R – Columbus), Senate Bill 287 will modify authorized investments of interim moneys and inactive moneys under the Uniform Depository Act.

Renewable Energy: Sponsored by Troy Balderson (R – Zanesville), Senate Bill 310 will make changes to the renewable energy, energy efficiency, and peak demand reduction requirements and to create a study committee.

Transportation Projects: Sponsored by Representative Kirk Schuring (R – Canton), House Bill 494 will authorize counties to undertake regional transportation improvement projects funded by the issuance of securities and by revenue pledges from the state and political subdivisions and taxing districts located within the cooperating counties.

Health Insurance: Sponsored by House Majority Floor Leader Barbara Sears (R – Sylvania), House Bill 511 will suspend the operation of continuation of coverage requirements and make other insurance-related changes.