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Under Florida House Bill No. 7019, certain permits are eligible for an extension of two years from their scheduled expiration date. Provided the permit has an expiration date between January 1, 2012 through January 1, 2014, the extension can be applied to any building permit or Department of Environmental or water management district permit issued pursuant to Part IV of Chapter 373, F.S.    The extension also  can be applied to development orders and building permits issued by local governments.  The Bill, however, does set forth some exclusions, including without limitation, certain permits issued by the Army Corps of Engineers and any permits in significant noncompliance.


In order to receive the extension, the property owner must send written notice to the applicable governmental agency by  October 1, 2013 which sets forth the specific permit or authorization to be extended and the anticipated timeframe for acting on the permit or authorization.  A property owners can take advantage of this extension even if the property owner previously took advantage of a similar extension, provided the sum of the extensions received do not exceed a total of 4 years.