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According to a report published this May by the Ponemon Institute, a research organization that specializes in data protection and information security, almost 90 percent of healthcare institutions have had some kind of data breach in the past two years, and 45 percent had five or more breaches. While many of these breaches were small and occured due to employee mistakes, lost or stolen devices, or third-party mishaps, half of all healthcare data breaches were the result of cybercrime.

This isn't really surprising. Medical practices are in fact rich targets for cybercriminals. Healthcare data is even more useful than credit card data to those trading in black market data because it provides more information than just names, addresses, and social security numbers. Hackers can access patients' next of kin, who to call in case of emergency, and a detailed list of health conditions. Health data also has longevity. Credit card accounts can be changed, heath data not so much.

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