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Immigration reform is undoubtedly upon us. After decades of stability, immigration laws and Department of Labor regulations applicable to U.S. companies employing foreign nationals are soon to get a makeover. The Trump administration has announced sweeping reform and bolstered enforcement in order to better protect American workers. As the physician shortage worsens, hospitals and health systems will therefore face unprecedented challenges to recruit and retain physician talent. Recruiting foreign nationals has to be and remain part of a comprehensive strategy to build and maintain a qualified, diversified, and engaged physician workforce. Lack of familiarity with immigration law and procedures should not deter employers from tapping into the skills of International Medical Graduates (IMGs), provided organizations exercise planned cautiousness in navigating the complexities of immigration law and its interdependence with labor and employment laws at the state and federal level. In the wake of the upcoming overhaul of the immigration system, employers should assess internal compliance with the current laws and regulations. In doing so, taking into account the following key issues and best practices is paramount because they do not solely impact immigration counsel but also effectively affect health care and labor and employment attorneys alike.

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