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MH Business Exchange Episode 07: Managing your intellectual property portfolio in 2018

Mike Witzke sits down with Cleveland attorney David Cupar, chair of the firm’s Intellectual Property Department, to discuss what businesses should consider when managing their IP portfolio, including analyzing IP metrics, revisiting policies and procedures for employees, setting up watch services and much more.

MH Business Exchange Episode 06: Navigating legal disputes with employees

Mike Witzke speaks with Detroit attorney David Schelberg on how employers can navigate through legal disputes with employees and steps they can take to prevent them. 

MH Business Exchange Episode 05:Terminating an employee, while protecting your business

Mike Witzke is joined by James Boutrous, managing member in the firm’s Detroit office. Jim informs listeners about the necessary steps their business must take when terminating an employee to avoid potential legal action. This is part one of a two-episode labor and employment discussion on MH Business Exchange.