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MH Business Exchange Episode 12: Overpayment: Managing medical records requests and avoiding payor audits

Cleveland attorney Elizabeth Sullivan, co-chair of the firm’s national Healthcare Practice Group, sits down with host Mike Witzke to discuss why payor audits must be taken seriously and how healthcare providers should respond to medical records requests to avoid overpayment claims. Sullivan also explains why it is important for providers to be proactive and not reactive regarding payor audits.

MH Business Exchange Episode 11: Beware: Avoiding hidden antitrust dangers

Cleveland antitrust attorneys Jennifer Dowdell Armstrong and Christopher Dean sit down with host Mike Witzke to discuss the hidden dangers regarding antitrust violations that businesses must be aware of, such as algorithmic pricing, merger review and per se offenses. Armstrong and Dean also discuss why small and mid-sized businesses must be aware that civil and criminal antitrust concerns are not only an issue for large corporations.

MH Business Exchange Episode 10: Securities considerations when raising capital

Cleveland attorney Ilirjan Pipa, chair of the firm’s Securities Practice Group, and host Mike Witzke discuss the securities considerations businesses must be aware of and how to properly navigate the various considerations as they prepare to raise capital.