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June 2017

Going Solar in Ohio and Beyond This is an opportunity to hear about a unique solar electricity project that is a breakthrough for local governments, landfills, and sustainability. The benefits of solar for local government How solar can be done in a northern climate The role of a municipal power company in a solar project Why landfills work for solar Cuyahoga County's commitment to sustainability Use of the Federal Investment Tax Credit Program The role of the EPA
10 ways to protect your assets Estate planning and probate attorney Mike Witze discusses 10 ways to protect your assets.
New SBA Rules and Other Federal Laws Impacting Government Contractors In this business our, our panel discussess new and important federal laws that will impact both small and large federal contractors. You will learn about joint venture and teaming rules, how small and large businesses can work together, subcontracting limitations and more.
You've Been Served: Why employers get sued and how to avoid it Even the best-trained and most well-intentioned employers occasionally find themselves confronting difficult situations where operational and management decisions collide with the ever-changing workplace and evolving employment laws. In this Business Hour, we examined common employment situations that often lead to employment litigation and provided practical advice on how to address those situations. Responding to accommodation requests Addressing FLSA misclassification and lost time issues Accommodating a pregnant employee Managing performance of the difficult employee Handling extended medical leaves of absence Responding to transitioning employees Disciplining an employee after a complaint
Beneficiary Designations: Who gets the money? What happens when a beneficiary isn’t named or isn’t up-to-date? In this Business Hour, our attorneys cover include retirement plans, federal and state rules, real life and death examples, and more.

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