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September 2019

Cybersecurity and Employee Benefit Plans: Are you at Risk? The oft-repeated adage in the cybersecurity world is that suffering a data security incident is not a question of “if,” but rather a question of “when.” No industry is immune from the risks posed by cyber criminals. Employee benefit plans are attractive to these criminals and can be compromised in any number of ways. Plan sponsors, administrators, and fiduciaries have unique responsibilities to prevent, mitigate and respond to cybersecurity incidents. Please join McDonald Hopkins on Wednesday, July 17 for a Business Hour that will detail the unique challenges facing employee benefit plans. TOPICS Participants will learn about the following: The biggest threats facing employee benefit plans, including: ransomware attacks, phishing attacks, spoofing incidents, and employee theft of data and misconduct; The costs of remediating security incidents; How to respond to a security incident, including: who to call, how to manage internal and external communications, and when to involved law enforcement; and Best practices for cybersecurity to prevent incidents from occurring.
Lunch with Alex Johnson- Leaders in Education Series Join us in Cleveland or via live webcast on September 19 for an insightful conversation with Dr. Alex Johnson, President of Cuyahoga Community College in the third installment of our Leaders in Education Lunch Series. Under his leadership, Tri-C has posted a record number of graduates, while strengthening its core mission to provide affordable access to higher education TOPICS During the lunch, Dr. Johnson and McDonald Hopkins' Dave Kall will discuss topics including the 2019-2020 academic year, Tri-C's role in economic development in the Greater Cleveland Area, Tri-C's commitment to improving access to higher education opportunities, among others.

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